Crime Victims Now Have Constitutional Rights


A Victim Rights Attorney Discusses Restraining Orders

April 29, 2015

A Victim Rights Attorney Discusses Restraining OrdersOne of the most important tasks that victims right attorneys can assist with is acquiring a restraining order for the victim. Restraining order laws set out guidelines regarding who is eligible for such an order, what circumstances call for such an order, and what type of protection they provide.

General Guidelines

In particular, victims right attorneys can discuss the protections that such orders provide. The most important protection is that it prevents an abuser from being in close proximity to the victim. Such orders often include restrictions regarding the distance that an abuser must be from the victim’s residence, place…

A Victims Rights Attorney Discusses Victim Testimony

April 17, 2015

In many instances, your testimony as the victim of a crime is a critical or essential component of the prosecution’s case against the defendant. However, there are some individuals who are reluctant to testify for a variety of reasons. It has been said that victims can become victims again by the manner in which a trial may be conducted. Our victims rights attorney can explain the legal obligations you have and can help protect your rights.

A Victims Rights Attorney Discusses Victim TestimonyTrial Realities

The legal process can be both lengthy and grueling. In balancing the government’s interest in punishing and deterring criminal behavior with the accused’s right to justice, many…

A Victims Rights Attorney Discusses Restitution

March 17, 2015

A Victims Rights Attorney Discusses RestitutionCriminal statutes are primarily designed to protect society by punishing individuals who fail to comply with established rules of behavior, which will hopefully deter others from similarly breaking such laws. However, as a victims rights attorney can best explain, there are legal programs in place that are designed to compensate victims for their losses associated with criminal acts.

Contrasting Fines with Restitution

Most criminal sentences include monetary penalties imposed by the court on the convicted defendant. Fines are typically established by statute and payable to the court. Restitution, on the other hand, is designated for the crime victims. However, restitution is paid…

Marsy’s Law Lawyers Offer Suggestions for Victims in Criminal and Civil Rape Cases

March 3, 2015

Marsy's Law Lawyers Offer Suggestions for Victims in Criminal and Civil Rape CasesWhile nearly everyone tries to avoid the subject, the problem of rape and sexual assaults are still part of society. Because of the nature of these cases, the court process can drag on for months. Victims often do not understand the process or know what to expect. Legal proceedings seem to replay the attack and can upset them even more. Marsy’s law lawyers help prepare these individuals in order to help them through the court process. In addition, they can suggest various community resources that can…

A Victims Rights Attorney Can Help with Victim Compensation In California

February 10, 2015

A Victims Rights Attorney Can Help with Victim Compensation In CaliforniaSomeone who has suffered at the hands of a criminal may find it difficult to know where to turn. In the paragraphs below, an experienced victims rights attorney offers guidance and information.

Paying the Price

Treatment for physical injuries, mental trauma, time lost from work and other costs add a financial burden to the emotional and physiological pain the victim is already suffering. Assuming that the perpetrator is brought to justice, restitution can be imposed that can assist with these expenses. This, however, can only occur if the criminal is prosecuted and…