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3 Reasons College Crimes Should Be Taken More Seriously

June 22, 2018

3 Reasons College Crimes Should Be Taken More Seriously

Have you or your child been the victim of a discrimination due to their sex, been harassed, or had violence exercised upon their rights in a way that falls under Title IX? If so, you can count on Justice 4 Crime Victims to take your case seriously. We are here to help with it all, from school hearings to filing criminal complaints – all while protecting you from retaliation.

Read on to find out why these college crimes are even more serious than you think and then reach out to us at 949-585-9055 for your free consultation. We are here to help and look forward to helping you move forward.

  1. The person responsible should be held accountable
  2. One of the main reasons that you may want to ensure that criminal or civil charges are filed against the person who committed the crime is that they should be held accountable. You do not want to let them get away with it. Not only can this feel extremely personally upsetting, but it can put the perpetrator in the position of committing the crime again and again until they finally do have consequences.

    If criminal charges are filed, the punishment may not feel as though it is enough. If they are not filed then the idea that they could get away without punishment can be impossible to live with. Filing a civil claim gives you the option of adding penalties and sends a clear message that there are consequences to what they have done.

  3. It is important to acknowledge the problem on a larger scale
  4. The reality is that many of the types of crimes that fall under Title IX are things that society at a large does not want to face. One of the most effective ways we can handle these situations is to shine a light on it, and civil and criminal charges are a good way to do that. In a community where the college simply won’t act appropriately, then it is up to the citizens to force them to do better. It is up to the citizens to file legal claims in the hopes that eventually enough people will care that real action will be taken.

  5. Victims should be given compensation
  6. A victim of any crime will experience numerous damages, and this can be especially true of Title IX crimes. You may have medical bills, you may have injuries that must be treated with the help of professional counselors. Some emotional damages will never heal. Regardless of the specifics of the damages, a lawsuit can help you recover.

It may be that a student that commits assault, robbery, or an alcohol-related offense on their college campus do not think it is a big deal. They may think that they just got out of hand and their parents may believe that they were just making youthful indiscretions. When you work with the victims’ rights attorney at Justice 4 Crime Victims, we are on your side. We know how serious this and we know that you should not have to pay the price for the behavior of someone else. Contact us now at 949-585-9055 to begin the process.