Crime Victims Now Have Constitutional Rights

4 Ways a Victims Rights Attorney Can Help You Move Forward with Your Life

August 16, 2018

4 Ways a Victims Rights Attorney Can Help You Move Forward with Your Life

If you have been the victim of a crime then you are well aware of how challenging that situation is. It can feel that no one is really on your side or that no one understand what you are experiencing. At Justice 4 Crime Victims, whether you choose us or not, we strongly recommend that you at least consult with a victims rights attorney.

Keep reading to find four of the ways we can help you through this process. Then call our offices at 949-585-9055, email us at, or contact us online. It may seem as though you are in an impossible situation but we can help you through it.

  1. We will speak on your behalf in court and sentencing hearings
  2. It is hard enough for many people to speak up in the first place when the only person you have to talk to is a police officer. When it comes to speaking up in court, there may be dozens of people there and you will be faced with the person who hurt you. The good news is that we can speak on your behalf. This ensures that your message gets across without worry.

  3. We can help provide protection against the defendant
  4. If you are worried about your safety then we can assist you in getting all protection orders you are eligible for. We will file the necessary paperwork for restraining orders and can help with other safety needs as well. We have been through this time and time again and we know exactly how to proceed to help you feel safe.

  5. Ensuring that the prosecutor is representing you fairly
  6. Many people assume that the prosecution is on the side of the injured party but this is not true. The have one job: To secure a conviction. While they may have the best of intentions, it is not uncommon for them to not have the best interests of the injured party in mind. We will assure that they listen to your side of the story, that they take your best interests seriously, and that they remember that you are more than a case – you are a human being who deserves respect.

  7. We can help put you in touch with services that may be available
  8. Depending on the specific crime you have been the victim of, there may be victim services available to you. They could include help finding housing, mental health counseling, free or reduced cost health care, childcare, or other financial help. You are going through enough right now – let us take over these complex and confusing responsibilities.

We believe that you have the right to live your life with integrity. We believe you have the right to feel safe. We will protect these rights. Contact Justice 4 Crime Victims at 949-585-9055 now to begin the process.