Crime Victims Now Have Constitutional Rights

A Victim’s Rights Attorney Discusses Advocacy

June 14, 2013

In a criminal case, you often hear that a defendant enjoys certain rights and protections including the right to counsel and other constitutional rights. However, the victim of a crime also enjoys many protections, even though these may be less publicized. It is in your best interests to talk to a victim’s rights attorney to learn about your rights.

What Is Advocacy of a Victim’s Rights?

A Victim's Rights Attorney Discusses AdvocacyIn large part, due to the victim’s rights movement in California, victim advocacy and victim’s rights lawyers are now a large part of the criminal justice system.

Generally, a victim’s rights attorney helps ensure that a crime victim is treated with respect, and that he or she also gets the help necessary. It is important that victims have representation, as they are often overlooked by court officials and lawyers, who typically focus on the defendant and not the victim. However, a victim’s rights lawyer will help make sure that you are not ignored.

Some steps that a victim’s rights attorney can help protect your rights include:

  • Educating you about Marsy’s Law and the Victim’s Bill of Rights in California
  • Explaining the court process to you and updating you on what to expect throughout the criminal proceeding
  • Getting monetary restitution for any damages you may have suffered
  • Advocating for your rights in court and other proceedings
  • Protecting you from criminal defendants, their family members, and hostile attorneys
  • Helping you obtain all the services you need, such as psychological treatment and other assistance

To learn more about how an attorney can help you in your specific case, you will want to contact an experienced victim’s rights lawyer.

Contact a Victim’s Rights Attorney Today

If you have been victimized in a crime, it is important to work with a victim’s rights lawyer. The criminal justice system can be a grind and is not always fair. An experienced victim’s rights attorney can ensure that your best interests are protected and that you are not victimized again. Contact victim’s rights attorney Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 to learn more about how we can help. The initial consultation is free.