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How Marsy’s Law Attorneys Help Victims of Criminal Acts Get Compensation

November 4, 2014

How Marsy's Law Attorneys Help Victims of Criminal Acts Get CompensationWhile justice is served when a criminal is incarcerated, it does not necessarily undo or mitigate the harm done to the victim. Marsy’s law attorneys put forward the argument that, if you have been injured in a crime, you have the option to apply for compensation.

Crime Compensation

This is money paid to you by court order that is intended to assist you as you recover from the effects of the crime committed against you. Such expenses as doctor and hospital bills, lost income, mortuary costs, therapy or counseling and the like are included under crime compensation. Normally, programs providing compensation will set restrictions on how much money is to be dispersed for various types of damages.


Eligibility for compensation varies with state statutes and can be authorized whether or not an arrest or conviction is forthcoming. While in some areas injuries sustained by violent crime must be physical, others allow for psychological or mental suffering. In the majority of jurisdictions, compensation cannot be claimed by anyone other than the person directly victimized, and the crime must be one of violence. You should consult your Marsy’s law attorneys to ascertain the laws in your state. To establish eligibility, the victim must:

• File a criminal report with law enforcement officers in a timely manner. Consideration is given to someone who is incapable of filing the report on his or her own. The victim need not necessarily be listed when charges are filed;
• Assist as the crime is investigated and aid the prosecutors;
• Not be the perpetrator of the crime in which the injury was sustained;
• Apply for compensation in a timely manner; and
• Lack insurance that would pay for the injury.

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