Crime Victims Now Have Constitutional Rights

How the Legal System Revictimizes Victims

January 13, 2015

How the Legal System Revictimizes VictimsSadly, the legal system does not always rule justly in a given situation. The criminal is sometimes justified while the victim might be punished. In these situations, a victims rights lawyer can represent someone who was the victim of a crime and help him or her seek justice.

Case Examples by Our Victims Rights Lawyer

For example, someone might break into a residence to steal something and then trip and fall and later sue the owner. Even if the perpetrator does not win in court, a property owner has a responsibility to keep the property in good repair, no matter who is on it. The owner could be held liable for a trespasser’s injury if he or she knew of a potential hazard and neglected to fix it. In a similar example, the owner could be held liable if a dog bites a trespasser. In yet another case, your vehicle might have been stolen, but you could be responsible to pay hefty impound fees if you want to recover it. Our victims rights attorney can provide you with advice in these and similar cases.

How Our Victims Rights Lawyer Can Help

A creative victims rights lawyer might have ideas to help the victim recover his or her losses. For example, the vehicle owner might file a civil lawsuit to recover impound fees and related repair costs. Talk to our victims rights attorney for additional suggestions about resolving your problem.

Michael L. Fell represents clients who have suffered through no fault of their own but who now face penalties due to circumstances beyond their control. If you are in this predicament and need an experienced victims rights lawyer, call him at (949) 585-9055 for help.