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Marsy’s Law Lawyers Offer Suggestions for Victims in Criminal and Civil Rape Cases

March 3, 2015

Marsy's Law Lawyers Offer Suggestions for Victims in Criminal and Civil Rape CasesWhile nearly everyone tries to avoid the subject, the problem of rape and sexual assaults are still part of society. Because of the nature of these cases, the court process can drag on for months. Victims often do not understand the process or know what to expect. Legal proceedings seem to replay the attack and can upset them even more. Marsy’s law lawyers help prepare these individuals in order to help them through the court process. In addition, they can suggest various community resources that can provide victims with additional support, such as a rape crisis center. The agencies have trained personnel who can offer emotional and practical help during this time.

What to Do if You Were the Victim of a Rape

If you were subject to a sexual assault, immediately contact law enforcement personnel and seek medical assistance at a hospital as soon as possible. The doctors will collect physical evidence related to the rape that can prove who attacked you and can also confirm that you did not consent to the act. Although it is difficult and upsetting, write down as much as you can remember about the incident as soon as you can after it happens. You should understand that the rape was not your fault and should allow others to help you during this traumatic time.

Proving Rape in Court

The prosecution will bear the burden of proving that you were raped and that force was threatened or actually used against you. The case could last for years, depending on many factors. You might have to endure talking about the event until a verdict is rendered. You may be eligible for financial help as a crime victim. You can ask the prosecutor’s office or your lawyer for information about any available programs. Marsy’s law attorneys will work to seek the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf.

Get Justice Now from Marsy’s Law Lawyers

If you have been the victim of a rape, you need to understand that a criminal case might result in an acquittal. Even so, you might want to discuss your legal options with our Marsy’s law lawyers. If you are interested in filing a civil case, call the Law Office of Michael Fell at (877) 262-2430 for additional information.