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New Bill Allows More Victims of Child Abuse to Sue | Ask a Victim’s Rights Attorney

December 19, 2013

New Bill Allows More Victims of Child Abuse to Sue | Ask a Victim's Rights AttorneyThe State of California has passed a new bill that will allow more victims of child abuse to sue their abusers. To learn if the bill applies to your specific case, you will want to talk to a victim’s rights lawyer.

Currently, California law allows victims of child abuse to sue their abusers up until the victim reaches the age of 26. However, a victim’s rights lawyer can explain to you that victims of child sexual abuse may fail to bring a claim in this timeframe for a variety of reasons such as feelings of shame.

New Bill As Explained by a Victim’s Rights Attorney

State legislators have passed a new bill that will give victims of sexual abuse a broader window to sue their abusers. Under this new bill, a victim’s rights lawyer can explain that there will be an additional one year period for victims 26 years of age and older to sue the alleged abusers or their employers.

The new bill will only apply to victims who were older than the age of 26 in 2003. Due to specific constraints, you will want to consult with a victim’s rights lawyer to learn if the new bill helps your case.

How a Victim’s Rights Attorney Can Help

The laws relating to child sexual abuse are complex and evolving. The newest bill broadens the scope of potential plaintiffs who can sue their alleged abusers. However, the bill is narrowly crafted and only gives the right to sue to a limited set of victims. As a result, you will need a victims rights lawyer to explain how the changes impact you.

Bringing an abuse lawsuit can be difficult. Many victims of the crime have a hard time understanding what happened to them and may be reluctant to bring a claim. An experienced victim’s rights lawyer can help remove some of the fears by explaining the process and providing realistic expectations.

Contact a Victim’s Rights Attorney

If you have a question about bring a child abuse lawsuit or how the new laws affect you, contact an experienced attorney in Orange County.

You can discuss the specifics of your case with victim’s rights lawyer Michael L. Fell by calling (949) 585-9055. Schedule a consultation and learn how we can help your case.