Crime Victims Now Have Constitutional Rights

Your Marsy’s Law Attorney and the Rights of Victims

October 14, 2014

Your Marsy's Law Attorney and the Rights of VictimsWhen so much attention is paid to the rights of the accused, it becomes easy to overlook the rights of the victim. In this blog, an experienced Marsy’s law attorney looks at what your rights are when you are hurt and it’s someone else’s fault.

The Impact on You

Regardless of the cause of your injuries, the impact on you can be as minor as a few days’ soreness or as devastating as a lifelong disability or the wrongful death of a loved one. When the action or omission of action on the part of another person is the direct cause of your injury, the pain, mental anguish and financial upheaval can become much worse. You are faced with questions for which you may have no answers.

Your Rights

Paramount among the questions facing you is how to know what your rights are in such a situation. Unless your injury was caused by one of those rare individuals who admits fault and seeks to make things right at once, you will need a Marsy’s law attorney to act for you. Securing your victim’s rights involves the following:

  • Showing clearly that the other party is the direct cause of the harm you have suffered. The burden of responsibility may be on the guilty party, but the burden of proof is on you.
  • Requiring that the guilty party bear some of the cost of your injuries through financial compensation for medical and related expenses, time lost from work, in-home care for yourself or child care while you recuperate, physical and mental suffering and other damages.
  • Pursuing a work-related injury case free from the risk of retaliation on the part of your employer. All too often, workers who are injured on the job do not pursue the case due to fear that their actions may endanger their position in the workplace or their standing with their employer.

You Have an Ally in Your Marsy’s Law Attorney

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